Savings and Earnings

Benifits of using Amazon Pay services(2022)

If you are looking for additional savings on every transaction or purchase you make online
Then you are at the right place

In this article, we will discuss how to earn cashback through Amazon Pay services for making transactions online


What is Amazon pay?

If we see most of the transactions are being made online

We stopped shopping or purchasing products offline

We are currently living with the internet and shopping or purchasing desired products made easier with applications and websites

It would be a great option if you are saving some extra money on every transaction that you make online

Many knowingly or unknowingly do not use Amazon Pay services to make payments

If you start making payments using Amazon you will save a lot on your monthly bills

Our motto is to help our customers in finding better deals and getting cashback on everything

Amazon has introduced Amazon Pay option to pay utility bills and pay to shops using UPI and merchants online like Paytm and phone pay-services

You can use Amazon Pay to do mobile recharges and pay credit card bills and all other stuff as shown in the screenshot above

Why Amazon pay is recommended?

Amazon gives cashback for making transactions online

In return, we get cashback on Amazon Pay

Where do I save amount or get cashback?

There are so many online platforms that accept payments through Amazon Pay

Few applications which accept payments through Amazon pay mentioned below

  1. Swiggy
  2. Licious
  3. Rapido
  4. Airtel
  5. Book My Show

If you find an Amazon pay option on any application or website you can go ahead and make a payment using Amazon pay

You can use the cash back to make future payments

There is no restriction that we need to use the earned cashback only on merchants we made a payment and received cashback through it

For example, you made a payment for Airtel recharge and you received cashback

You can use the earned cashback to make payments for all the merchants like Swiggy and Rapido and all other applications and websites

Steps to use on third party applications:


You just need install Swiggy application from playstore and register yourself on it

You can add your favorite food to your cart and go to the check out page to find the Amazon Pay option to pay and get cashback as mentioned in the picture below




You can simply download the Rapido application and select your destination and hit the payment option to get to Amazon Pay as shown below




You can install the Licious application from play store and select your favorite meat to continue to check out the page
You will be able to make a payment through Amazon Pay




You can install Airtel app and do a recharge for your mobile or DTH or internet services

You will be able to make a payment through Airtel application


Book My Show


You can choose your favourite movie or show to continue making payment

You will find Amazon Pay option under wallet


How much do I save?

We suggest you read terms and conditions on check out page before making any payment

We will show the screenshots for merchants to show how it looks on payment pages

Amazon pay lets you pay for businesses, you can simply scan QR provided by the shops
You will pay the bill using the UPI payment method

When will the cashback expire?

There is no expiry for cashback earned through Amazon Pay

You can use the amount to pay future bills and also you can load your Amazon Pay account

If you got any gift card from a company or friends you can go ahead and add the gift card to Amazon Pay

Which will let you use it for all other future payments

Who is eligible to use Amazon Pay services?

Everyone who has an active amazon account and active bank services

If you didn't register with amazon go ahead and register yourself on amazon first

You will find Amazon Pay services under your account details

Can I use credit card or debit card to load Amazon Pay?

Adding money to Amazon is so simple and you can simply click Add money option and load the account using available payment options

If you are on a third-party application and trying to make a payment Amazon Pay will ask you to add the remaining amount to fulfill the order

You can use your debit card or credit card to add the amount to your Amazon Pay

If you have any cashback on your Amazon Pay account it will only ask for remaining amount


As we know many platforms are offering UPI payments for free

Also, they allow us to make payments for DTH and internet and all other utility services using their platforms

We can use all of them to make payments

But the thing is we need to consider getting cashback or saving before going ahead and making payments through applications

I have checked a lot of applications and they are good at their standards and we wouldn't suggest you stop using them completely

We have just explained about the cashback how can we save through Amazon Pay services

We always suggest you check for different offers available with other services too, but to my knowledge, Amazon Pay is offering cashback for making a transaction online

You can save a lot with Amazon Pay services

You can also explore Amazon Pay services to find all other benefits