Bike Taxi and Auto services

Best Bike taxi and Auto services in India (Rapido 2022)

Quick Introduction:

In a growing world, we see a lot of alternatives for the existing services

We want to save a little amount on every service and option in the market and compare them

Keeping that in mind we are going to discuss the best Bike taxi and Auto services in India today which is Rapido

When there is an emergency and urgent work going from one place to another place is possible only when we have a bike or car 

We can also sue busses to travel from one place to another place but due to heavy traffic or many stops in the way 

We need to wait a lot to catch the bus and it will take a lot of time to reach the destination

To make things easier Cab services like OLA and UBER have come to serve customers

But taking OLA or UBER services is possible only when we have family members or 3 to 4 members to travel

In some cases, we have to travel alone and something must be urgent to reach the destination, in such cases, we can choose Rapido services to reach the destination on time


Why Rapido?


We are familiar with booking whatever we want online today using mobile and Rapido services are one click away through Rapido Application

Rapido is a growing company and started with Rapido Bike services and it showed remarkable success and they started Auto services in India to give best discounts on every ride

It would be excited when we are traveling easily with huge discounts altogether 

Rapido made things easier for us to travel anywhere in the city without taking a bus or cab services

Why Budgetershopy?


We always want to show best coupons and discounts so the customer can save something instead of paying the full amount for the services.

Our motto is always to show the services which are reliable and easy to use today because we are living with technology and we make sure that you will know all the easiest apps to use for better offers and deals 

There are more offers through Budgetershopy and you can consider clicking the button below to check the offers available through us.

Try Rapido today and ride at a low cost.

Easy to navigate using Rapido application with simple clicks and book your ride

You can also book a ride for someone or your parents when you are not at the location, you can pick up the desired location and enter the destination address

The nearest rider will accept your booking and go to the location to pick up the person to drop at the location

You just need to share the OTP with the person who is about to travel with Rapido and it will be taken care of


You will definitely be happy at the end of the ride.

If you consider traveling alone Rapido Bike is the best option and if you have a family of 3 you can ride with Auto.

You can in fact check the services using the below button.

Payment methods available with Rapido?

You can use cash or online payment methods like Paytm, amazon pay, and all other UPI apps

You might save a little amount on payment methods shown up on Rapido

 Is Rapido available  for out of station?

For now, the services are limited to cities only to make things easier, the services may be available in all the areas soon, we hope for the best



We will learn how to book Rapido through Application:


It is super easy and once you click on Rapido Application or website button above or go to Playstore from our website you will see the application name on playstore


Simply download the application and open it, it will ask for location permissions and please enable it


The next step is to register on Rapido

Once registration is done you will be offered an options to choose your location and destination details as shown below






Once done choosing destination details the next screen shows the available Bike Taxi and Auto options near you

Choose your desired one

Next, you can click on Apply coupon code

You can either use the promo codes available on the Budgetershopy website or you can use the existing offers available on the Rapido application


You are all set and click on Book Auto or Book Bike, your booking will be confirmed and the driver will come to your location to pick you up

Local send items:

Rapido has recently launched local send items which you can send a gift or parcel to some other place within the city

The weight should not go beyond 5kgs

You can simply sit at your home and send a parcel to your wish place

The process is completely easy and you can track the order at your finger tips and the order will be delivered at the location

You can send the blog to someone who needs the Rapido services with additional savings and needs to learn how to use

We briefly explained how to book a ride with Rapido 

All the time we can’t be available at home or we can’t book Rapido for our family members

They can simply learn everything by reading this blog 

It will be worth reading

Joyful ride with Rapido.