Best way to check credit score online for free(2022)

If you are looking for an option to check your credit score for free, then you are at the right place 

We are going to discuss about two best platforms to check your credit score for free online

MyMoneyKarma and  PaisaBazaar are the best options to maintain credit score and check your credit score every month for free

Why checking credit score is important?

If you own a credit or if you have taken a loan from banks you need to maintain a good credit score for future loans 

If you do not own a credit card also you need to maintain a good credit score

In order to get qualified for a new credit card also maintaining good credit score is important

MyMoneyKarma and PaisaBazaar can help you in finding your exact score and if your credit score is not good they will help you with the suggestions to improve your credit score 

If your score is good wonderful, you can keep a track of it every month 

If you are maintaining a good credit score you can take a personal loan or home loan easily at a low interest rate 

You can also apply for a credit card and get the benifits available with it 


It is super easy to check your credit score online for free today using MyMoneyKarma 

You need to access the button below to visit MyMoneyKarma home page

Once you are on a home page, you need to fill in all the required information to proceed further

Once you are done filling all the required information hit Get my credit score option to get the report

You can see your credit score on the next screen

You can also see the factors which are effecting credit score and plan to improve it

Here is the report which shows the factors impacting credit score

You can also apply home loans using the below button

If you are eligible to get home loan through MyMoneyKarma it will show the pop up on website home page

You can see the interest rates for taking home loan

You can also compare the EMI based on your requirement and it will give you the clarity

If you are planning a new home you can absolutely avail home loan

Best way to save and get the things done


Steps to check?

As we discussed above PaisaBazaar aslo works as MyMoneyKarma

Both the companies are tied with largest banks in India, and they will with all the credit cards

They also help you in finding better loans online

You can check your credit score online for free and also you can check the metrics based on your payements

You can visit the website using the button below

Once you are on home screen fill in all the required information and you are good to go

If you are doing something wrong you can follow the instructions given by the platform

Easy to follow and maintain good credit score and get qualified for future loans

In my view, both are good platforms today and you can choose any one of the services to continue

Customer support

If you are seeing any information on both the websites and you are unsure about the information

Or you want to do a deeper investigation regarding loans or credit score

You can always get in touch with customer support

The team will assist you with all the information

Sometimes we may see errors in EMI bills or loans, dedicated team at websites will help you in clearing errors

They will be available at your finger tips


If you want to apply for credit cards or personal loans or business loans

Both the platforms offer better interest rates

Both the services work with many banks in India and they can get the loans approved

All you have to do is to select the required section and fill in your details and financial details to get an approval

If you are eligible for any personal or home or business loans

You will see the details along with all the information on the page

You fill have to fill in papers some times and sometimes the process will be completely online

They will discuss about EMI and disburse the amount into your bank account

Which will save your time and you do not have to keep going to bank for loans

All the banking and credit scores will be maintained at one place

To our knowledge both the services offer good service and you can trust both of them

If you know someone who is using credit card and wants to check credit score online for free

You can share the article with them to know about the benefits that we get by maintaining good credit score

Basically a new person can also learn who process easily on both the platforms

Made easier for all kind of customers online