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Grab INR300 Cashback along with discounts on Licious

Hello reader, today we are going to talk about meat services that you can order online at home

Which you can save around 10 to 20% from application and 300 INR from budgetershopy and 20% OFF upto 150 from CRED application 

If you would like to order meat from online with huge discounts, Licious is the best option to order mouth watering meat

What is Licious? 

Licious is  the company which delivers fresh meat to customers door step to enjoy tendor and delicious meat 

First ever service to serve customers online with the fresh meat

Has varities of categories Like Chicken, Mutton, Sea food, Spreads, Eggs, Cold cuts, Snacks and Ready to cook

If you are not a prefesional cook, you can order ready to cook produts to make your job easier

Ordering read to cook meat is upto you, if you have some basic knowledge about cooking

You can go ahead and order ready to cook meat

Why should I order from Licious?

We do not suggest you to order meat everytime from online if you can go to market and get fresh meat 

If you are busy with some work or unable to go to market then only we suggest you to go for Licious

Licious sells fresh chicken and goat meat and prawns 

One stop for all the meat needs 

Steps to order?

You need to access Licious website using the button below through Budgetershopy

You can sign up with your mobile number to order meat

You will be on home page to order desired meat products to choose and pay for them with the discounts

Next you need to select the available time slot to get the meat delivered to your location

Once that is done you will have to make a payment


If you use CRED you will get 10% OFF along with 300 INR cashback from Budetershopy

If you use Patm wallet you can save upto INR500 cashback on Paytm wallet

If you own a Kotak HSBC credit cards you can save upto 10% OFF

You can save upto INR 500 back with Amazon pay

This is a huge save from all the sources

NOTE: all the payment offers are not applicable on one order, you can use any one of the payment offer along with the INR 300 cashback from Budgetershopy if you are ordering through us

We are showing the discount rates and cashback as per the information today

But the discounts and cashback offers may change any time, it completely depends on Licious

We suggest you to check for the offers and cashback details before go ahead and purchase meat through Licious

This is a huge save from all the sources

What is Licious MEATOPIA?

Licious introduced a great option to save some thing extra on delivery

If you are a meat lover and love to order twice a week or 4 times a month

In such cases you have to spend extra money on delivery fee

If you would love to save delivery fee you can choose MEATOPIA plan

In other words if you have ordered meat 4 to 6 times last month

You may have been charged around INR 250 for delivery fee on top of meat charges

MEATOPIA pass is available for INR69 per month

There are two other plans, 3 months plan is worth INR99 and 6 months plan is worth INR189

They are giving huge discounts on 3 months and 6 months plan

You can go ahead and take a plan and save more on your meat

If you feel like the plan is not suitable for you and you would like to upgrade you can upgrade anytime

Also if you wish to cancel the plan anytime you are allowed to cancel the plan

You can also add available payment methods on Licious to put the plan on auto renewal

You do not haev to keep purchasing the plan, instead it will be auto renewed until you cancel the plan

Here in the picture below you can see the difference between plans


Easy to order meat through application

Licious made our life easier in ordering meat from online without going to shops and spend time

It is easy to order meat from one application and get the meat

Easy navigation to find categories

They have categorized meat in a neat way, so you can find your favourite meat

Some may love sea food and some may love chicken and goat meat

You can easily find the sections and order easily

Ready to cook products make cooking process easier

If you are looking for ready to cook meat you can order and cook in less time

You do not have to marinate meat


Pricing at Licious is reasonable and also offers discounts on every purchase you make

Also you can save a lot from Budgetershopy

 Customer support

If you are having any concern and question regarding the service or delivery

You can always chat with the team and they are so helpful in solving your problem


Unable to deliver the meat instanly 

Customers have to wait at least 3 hours or more

It would be nice we have an option to get the meat within 30-60 minutes