How to plan a budget trip in India (2022)

In this article we will mainly talk about how to plan a budget trip in India (2022)

If you would like to plan a budget trip to your favorite place or holiday spot you will find the useful information and tips to save on your travel, stay, food

Why to plan a trip?

Due to heavy work at the office and personal issues in life, we all need to plan a trip at least twice a year to come out of stress

To know yourself you can plan trip alone and if you wish to spend time with your friends you can plan with friends

If it is a devotional place you can go with your family members too

If you are stressing out and needing a mental peace you can choose your favorite holiday spot and travel 

Things need to consider while planning a trip

We need to keep 3 things in mind before planning a trip, I do not suggest everyone plan a trip considering all the points mentioned in the blog, if you are financially strong you can fly without planning a trip

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This article is mainly written for those who are budget travelers or low on budget

Finding a better place or holiday spot

One needs to know what can relax them more, a few like mountains and few like devotional places and a few like beaches, based on your favorite spot you can decide the place

Sometimes changing the holiday spot can help you find peace

If you have traveled to mountain place last time you may consider going to beaches this time

Next time you can change the holiday spot and go to devotional place


Once the place is decided you need to calculate the distance between our place and destination (up and down)

Based on your budget you can choose flight or train or bus or own car to travel

Most of the fun part is on travel, if you are traveling with your frineds consider traveling by trains

If you are traveling with your family members you can choose buses for comfort

As we are talking about the budget traveler we can choose either train or bus to travel to our destination

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The second thing we need to plan about the hotel we are going to stay, every area has an option to book hotels online

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You can check with the local people for the best food to enjoy, that is the best suggestion to follow

Sometimes you can enjoy your food at hotel

You can carry your own food for first day as you travel

You will have fun having food with your friends and family while traveling


This is the main thing to consider because all other factors rely on price when planning a trip

By keeping all the factors in mind you can plan your budget, sometimes budget may vary once we reach the destination

Cause we may go to a different place or spend extra on food or other things

It is always to carry extra cash when we are planning a trip to make it more successful

If you are planning a trip with your friends it will be a great save on your hotels

You can split the hotel bills and save individually

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In this article you have learned what all the things we need to work on before planning a trip

You can use the best resources online as explained above to save more

If you are not sure where to plan a trip, you can consider researching online about places

You will get an idea about different places and you can plan accordingly

You can always travel with the best discounts and cashbacks with us

Worrying about something is always dangerous, travel somewhere where you can be happy