Savings and Earnings

How to Save or Earn amount on Credit Card payments via CRED (2022)?


In this article we will show how to save or earn amount on credit card payments via CRED app

Basically we all use credit cards to maintain good civil scores or use the amount when we are runing short on amount

In other cases we use the credit cards to shop grocesseries/mobiles/clothes or for online transactions

Yes, it is good to have a credit card to maitain a good civil score which helps us in getting loans

In other words if you are working for any company you can apply for a credit card and utilize the benifits

Generally when you are using a credit card a monthly statement will be sent to your email address

It may not be possible to check our credit card statement everymonth

CRED has made this easier by showing the generated bill and let us pay the bill

One stop for managing credit card and get paid for making payments against credit card

How do I save or earn money?

If you have used any money on your credit card you would need to pay the credit card bill next month on a bill date

As everyone does we simply pay the credit card bill using debit card or internet banking on a dedicated bank/credit card application

We need to start paying our credit cards bills using CRED app

Simply if you are paying your credit card bill via CRED app it pays you back in terms of cashback and CRED coins


If you are a new customer to CRED you can sign up using the button below

You will earn INR250 towards your credit card bill this month as a referral bonus

In order to get the referral bonus you need to make your first credit card payment through CRED app

If your bill is between INR1000 to INR 4999, you can choose EARN UP TO 1000 option and click on Claim now to proceed next

In the same way if your bill lies between 5000 to 10000 you can choose EARN UP TO 5000 option

There are few other options as shown in the screenshots

Cashback rewards option can be found under Club as shown above

Once you hit Clam now option it will ask you to clear your bill using CRED app

Go ahaed and make a payment using desired payment methods available on CRED

Once you are done paying the bill using debit card you will unlock the benifits

You can see the unlocked offers below to redeem

When you swipe down as shown in the screenshot below the reward will be unlocked

You need to have CRED coins to unlock the benifit and you get coins for every payment you make through CRED application

You can earn 1 coin for 1 rupee transcation made through CRED

For example if you are clearing INR1000 bill on credit card using CRED application you will get 1000 coins

Earnings are made simpler with CRED

How can I use coins when there is no offer available?

There is an option to burn your coins against product deals

For every 1000 coins you will get a spin

10 spins would be available for every product offer

You might earn a chance to win the product or discount deal to save on the product

One place to make payments and get rewards and lot more with the options explained

To check your credit score for free online you can consider clicking the button below

Avail loan against your credit limit

You can avail loan against your credit card on CRED app

for example you own a credit card has 50000 limit or you own two credit cards with 80000 limit together

CRED allows you to take a loan against the credit limit at reasonable interest rates

You can take a loan for 24 to 60 months using CRED

You can compare loans with other companies if you have any option

If you need a urgent loan and want to pay using EMI option, you can always take a loan using CRED

No third party companies are involved here, everything will be handled by CRED application

I used 20000 limit from 50000, can I still avail loan for 50000?

Actually CRED offers loan option only on available limit

It doesn’t provide loans on the limit that we got from the credit card company

You can explore the application to find many other options with the options explained in this article


Best option to make your credit card payments online

Also helps you to check your credit score online for free

On every payment that you make you card earn CRED coins

Which you can use them to unlock benifits available on CRED

You will also earn money for joining CRED program through us

You can also refer your friends to CRED program to earn additional benifits always

CRED will also help you to save on education fee if you pay through CRED

It also gives cashback on paying rent every month