How to sell your car online in India(2022)


In this article, we will discuss how to sell your car online in India(2022)

There are many ways to sell your car outside and online

You can find many sources online who can buy your car but we can’t trust every website online today

We have researched about OLX cash my car and you can trust the platform for selling cars

If you are tired of finding a good dealer in the market to buy your car for a better price

OLX cash my car is the best option to sell your car easily and hassle-free

Why selling a car offline difficult and not so easy?

Generally, as a car owner if we wish to sell our car we need to get in touch with a dealer in our area offline

They will inspect the car and quote the price according to the value of the car

But the process might take a bit longer than we expect

We need to hand over the car to the dealer to display in their company to sell the car

Whenever the customer comes forward to buy your car, you will get the cash

Basically, you are not getting the cash instantly for selling your car offline

You have to pay commission to the dealer for selling your car

Which may lead to dissatisfaction at the end

  1. Easy to get inspection done at your place
  2. Multiple dealers to offer better price than offline
  3. Easy money transfer to bank
  4. Satisfaction at the end
  5. Good customer service

Steps to sell:

You need to visit the website using the above link

Once you are on the website

You will have two options Retail Inspection and Home Inspection

If you choose Retail Inspection you need to go to the nearest store to get the inspection done

If you choose Home Inspection, they will come to your location to complete the inspection

fill in all the required information regarding your car

You need to hit the Value My Car button

I chose Retail Inspection, so we need to go to the store and get the inspection comleted

You can carry all the required papers and documents while going for inspection


It is super easy to sell your online for free through the OLX cash my car platform

Multiple dealers to bid on your card and give you the best price

Instant bank transfer once the required documents submitted

Time saving and zero complications involved

Friendly support from OLX cash my car can help you in explaining everything if you have any questions

Pro tip:

You can also list your car online on Quickr or OLX

If you would like to receive more offers from other platforms

You can make a decision based on your offer that you get

You can also list your car online on OLX and if you find a better deal you can sell it to a direct person

No third party will be involved

If you wish to go with a trusted company and sell your car at a better price

You can consider selling through OLX cash my car

It will be worth and you will love the services

How to get in touch with the support team?

There are a few ways to get in touch with the team

Support number:
+91 982 111 0000

Timings-9:00am – 07:00pm

I am a dealer and how to join OLX cash my car?

If you are a car dealer and want to buy cars online

If you are looking for a trusted platform to buy and quote your price

You can sign up with OLX Autos Dealer using the link here

You will be able to sign up on the website and find deals nearby

If you like any deal you can buy and continue your relationship with OLX