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The most affordable hosting services for beginners(2022)


Today everything is Internet, from kids to old everyone is aware of applications and websites

Technology is growing quicker in the world today, we didn’t use to have an access to mobiles earlier in 1990’s

Today we have an access to internet and smart phones to access everything online

If you want to learn something new or you don’t know answer for something you can google everything

Everything has a solution on internet

Why can’t we use the internet and websites to sell our stuff or goods online to be successful

If you want to sell items online and expand your business you need a website

If you want to monitize your ideas and content you can create a website and post your ideas and content online and earn money as youtube

For creating a wonderful stuff you need to have a website and a hosting service to host the website

Generally hosting services provide domain name and also offer a plan to host the website online

Which helps us improve our business online today to give a tough competition to other services

in the market

The most affordable hosting services in the market in India today (2022) are





Factors to consider before choosing a hosting service?

1 Free SSL certificate
2 Pricing
3 Backups
4 Reliability
5 Customer support

Free SSL

Free SSL is mandatory to secure websites, your customer information will be safe

You can gain customer trust when running a website

If you are using a valid SSL on your website it will secure payments made through your website

It will act like a bodyguard on your website and let your customers make payments securily


This is the key point because we all look for a cheap and best services, all the 4 services provide best pricing

We briefly explained about individual hosting service below and you can check about the pricing

For additional discounts and cashback you can always prefer Budgetershopy


It is important to have backups if you have lost website data or if you have made any changes

All the services provide daily backups, you can just focus on all other things

If the service is not offering free backups you can go for updraft plus plugin in the market

Which offers free backups for your website and you can simply focus on your work and other stuff instead of worrying about backups


Speeds and easy to understand the services is quite important, all the services offer better website speeds

When a new customer is visiting your website it will be smoother and it feels great to access your website

You can also consider using caching plugins available in the market to improve site speeds

There are many youtube tutorials available to make websites speed

Customer support

This is the main point to consider, when you have an issue with the website you should be able to get the solution at the earliest

Customer support is excellent accross all the services

Based on the factors mentioned above we will showcase the best hosting services today

Please consider the points and talk to specific hosting service customer support before purchasing a plan or something

We will provide the customer support links for every hosting service at the end


If you are looking for the most affordable and reliable hosting service, hostinger is the best choice

Price wise features wise and backups wise hostinger is the best

When it comes to customer support your queries will be answered so easily


If you are looking for a reliable hosting service, you can go ahead with GoDaddy services

You will get a free SSL certificate with the services, if you are beginer and looking for a good customer support GoDaddy is the best choice


Bluehost is the most affordable service in the market and also suitable for beginers and large scale industries

If you are looking for the best customer support and reliable services Bluehost is the best choice


Cloudways is the growing company in the market and where it offers most affordable services at low pricing

If you are looking for a good customer support and reliable services Cloudways is the best choice

Customer support:






We have written this article by taking all the points into consideration and all 4 mentioned above are the best hosting services today

You just need to have a basic knowledge about building websites

Everything is available on internet today and you can learn easily

You can choose one and build your dream

Cloud services:

If you are good at handling service you can switch the plan to cloud services

You will have a dedicated server and no other websites will be using your server resources

If you are going with shared hosting server resources will be used by other websites too

Which will create a impact but if your website size is small you can go with shared hosting plan