Best credit cards with no joining fee (2022)

Hey, how are you doing? In this article we will discuss about the best credit cards to apply for 

Most of us think having a credit card could make us financially weak as we will have no limit for spending through credit card, but that is not true

Generally if we go to a shopping mall or searching for something online we do not care about spending online or purchasing products through stores 

Which not only happens with having a credit card this could happen with the benifit of the product or based on your need 

The best two cards to apply for in India today are 

  1. SBI credit card 
  2. ICICI credit card 

What is the use of having a credit card?

The most usual thing is you do not have to borrow money from someone when you need money 

Credit cards do not charge any interest on spent amount for one month 

If you take money outside you definitely have to pay interest to the person or a company

If you have a credit card you can spend as much as you want based on your credit card limit and pay on time next month 

In return you are getting reward points to shop for gift cards and you can use those gift cards to shop online 

Having a credit card could increase your credit score 

What is credit score?

If you are working for any company and maintaining a good transactions at bank your credit score would be good 

Only then we can apply for a credit card 

Maintaining good credit score is possible with maintaining good transactions at bank but using a credit card could double the chances in increasing credit score 

Which helps us in greeting loans from trusted banks at low interest rates 

If you do not maintain good credit score you will evantually lose an opportunity to get the loans at low interest rates 

You might get loans but you need to pay huge interests to the company 

Any additional advantages for using credit cards? 

Stop using debit cards for shopping online or purchasing products online, start making transactions through credit card when there is an option

When a bill is generated you can pay the amount using your debit card or bank account 

If you pay through CRED APPLICATION you will save a lot and in return you will get the cashback

If you are making transactions through credit card every month and paying it on time, you will also rewarded from credit cards 

You can redeem those points against gift cards 

Two best credit cards to apply for:

1. SBI credit card 

This is the most trusted credit card in India and you can join for free 

All the mentioned benifits are available with this credit card 

Steps to apply:

Click on button above to proceed applying for SBI credit card and hit apply now button once you are on credit card home page

You need to fill in all required information to get the limit on the next screen with a new credit card

Wonderful, you now have successfully applied for a new SBI credit card

2. ICICI credit card

Most trusted credit card with zero joining fee and easily enables an option to increase credit card limit once you start making transactions through it 

All mentioned benifits are available with this credit card

Steps to apply:

Click on button above to proceed applying for ICICI credit card and hit apply now button once you are on credit card home page

You need to fill in all the information to get a new credit card with a limit

You are salaried choose salaried option to continue further

If you are self employeed choose Self-employeed option to continue further

Once done enter your phone number DOB and agree to the terms and conditions

Amazing, you have now successfully applied for ICICI credit card

Benifits of applying for credit card online?

If you are new to credit card and want to apply offline, an executive will take all your information and fill in the application from his side

We never know what is going to happen next

Some times they do not call us back after taking our information offline

Which will create a confusion and we do not have an option what to do next

My suggestion always would be to go ahead and apply for a credit card online

Generally we are filling all the information on the website and checking the eligibility instantly

If we are eligble to get a new credit card it will give us the information right information

If there are any hidden charges or something offline people do not let us know

If we are applying online everything will be shown on the screen and we can take care our decision and contiune our credit card journey

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They can be benfited with the information provided in this article

Enjoy the benifits of having a credit card