Want to get groceries in just 10 minutes?

If you are tierd of waiting for groceseries more than one hour, then this article is for you

We are going to discuss about more useful and speed groceries delivery service today

If you want to save additional 15 rupees along with offers available on zepto up to INR 100OFF over order value 499INR then you are at the right place 

Zepto is the unique service which serves customers with 10 minutes delivery with additional savings

When zepto is recomended?

If you are busy working at home or unable to go to market to get groceries  

You can order groceries from zepto and get the products delivered in just 10 minutes

I know we all are busy sometimes and do not get time to go out for groceries

Most of the times shops won’t be available in the morning before 7 am and night after 9.30 pm 

We may have forgotten to get milk for kids or something that is very important

In such scenarios you can consider ordering through zepto 

In some cases, you might not be at home and your parents or family members may need your help

As they do not go outside to get groceries, in those situations you can use the Zepto option to get things easier

Difference between zepto and other services in the market?

Luckily there are many applications which can deliver groceries

Most of the companies take one or two days to deliver the groceries to your location

Moreover you need to pick the slot to get the groceries

We can pick the time slot but we may not be available at home sometimes due to sudden work 

This all create a problem and do not give pleasent experience to the customers

To make things easier many services have come into market and you can also do a research on other services in the market

If you are saving something extra or if you like the service you can consider ordering that service too

Our motto is to help you with the best option in the market today

Recently few other companies started delivering groceries but they take at least one hour to deliver the groceries

Zepto has come up with a motive to start delivering groceries in just 10 minutes 

Steps to order?

You need to hit the button below to download the app through Budgetershopy link

Once you have done registered on zepto, you will be on home screen

Where you can choose desired products and add them to cart and pay for the products with available discounts on checkout

What do I get if I shop through zepto?

You can save up to INR100 if you order above INR499 and also you get an additional 15 cashback through Budgetershopy on your first order 

They may come up with the different offers in the future and if you sign up on their application

The team will keep you updated everytime when there is a new offer runnning

Is zepto available in all the areas?

Services are limited to:









Services wil be available soon in:


For now they are delivering in limited areas as shown above and trying to expand the business and serve as many as customers soon

Is there any referal program through zepto?

Yes, if you would like to invite your friends to zepto you and your friend both get 25% off on your next order 

You can let your friends or family members know about the offers you get through Zepto and additional savings from Budgetershopy

Can we trust zepto to order groceries?

You can absolutely trust the service and you will experience 10 minutes delivery with the services

Most trusted platform today to deliver groceries on time without any issues

Is price reasonable on zepto?

Coming to pricing you can see some difference between zepto and all other services, they show products for less pricing, they also provide huge discounts on your purchase

Key points to consider ordering through zepto?

1 fastest delivery

The order will be delivered within 10 minutes and if there is any delay it will show the exact time

It will not exceed 15 minutes in tough situations

If there is any heavy traffic in your area or order pick up was delayed then only you will see delay

Other they deliver groceries in just 10 minutes as promised

 2 fast comunication through support team

If you are having questions or seeing a delay in terms of delivery

The support team will speed up the things in getting the order delivered at the earliest

Sometimes we may see the delivery guy is not moving due to technical issues or internet issues at your end

You can contact the support at any time to solve the problem

 3 fastest pick up from the store

The groceries will be handovered to delivery guy within 5 minutes

Everything will be shown up on the screen

 4 reasonable price

You will find the products at low pricing, highly recommended platform to shop

5 user friendly interface

Zepto application is user friendly and easy to understand

Easy to make a payment through available payment methods

Needs improvements on?

1 sometimes due to low stock or some other reasons we do not find desired products from the selection but we can suggest the product through the application