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Want to save additional 10% OFF upto INR50 on Swiggy using CRED (2022)?

Is it true?

Yes, what you see is absolutely true, you can now save additional 10% OFF upto INR50 on swiggy using CRED, another good news is you can save through CRED 30 times per month

If you are a foodie and want to save additional cashback and discounts on your order from your favourite hotel or restaturent, it will be fun reading this article

Can I use coupon codes available on Swiggy checkout page?

Yes, you can use available coupon codes on checkout page and when you hit make payment option you will have an option to choose CRED pay

In this way you will be saving 30 to 50% from Swiggy and additional 10% OFF from CRED pay

It sounds good when we save huge amount on food order in one go, to save additional INR15 you can order through Swiggy store from Budgetershopy

But one thing in order to avail INR15 cashback through Budgetershopy you have to be a new customer, old customers can’t avail cashback offer

But you can always check for new offers available through Budgetershopy

Steps to use:

We explained everything in detail to make you understand below

You can simply install the app using link below and sign up on Swiggy with your phone number

You can choose your favourite Hotel or restaturent to order your favourite food

Once you are done adding your desired dishes to the cart contiune to check out page for offers and deals

You can click on Make Payment option to continue to pay for the order

You can see all the payment methods as shown up in the below screenshot and you can choose CRED option

It will then allow you to save 10% OFF upto INR50

As we discussed you saved amount on CRED pay and also you will get additional INR15 cashback from Budgetershopy if you shop through us and stand to win lot of rewards soon

What is CRED?

CRED is a platform to pay your credit card bills and get additonal instant cashbacks for making payments

You can manage all your credit cards at one place instead of using different apps for different credit cards

If you are new to CRED you can sign up using the below button and you can get INR250 referal bonus when you pay your first credit card payment

You can save more through CRED for making credit card payments

You will also get additional reward points to use and win extra cashback and product deals

To know more about CRED benifits click here to read the article

Cashback INR250 will be adjusted to your credit card bill or you can utilize the amount for any other transcations using your Credit Card

On every payment that you make through CRED you will recieve an assured Cashback every time

How can I link CRED with Swiggy to pay?

It is simple when you have CRED installed on your mobile Swiggy automatically pulls up the CRED app

You can choose your desired credit card from the list if you have multiple cards on CRED

CRED will show up the discounted price and you need to make the payment

Can use CRED OFFER on Swiggy Instamart?

Yes, you can use CRED offer on Swiggy Instamart too

Swiggy Instamart is one stop for ordering groceries from near by stores

You will find mindblowing discounts on Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy has launched Instamart services to deliver groceries to customers with the huge discounts

You can sit at your home and order food or groceries online

Steps to use:

You need to install app and follow the steps as mentioned above but you need to shop through Instamart to get the additional savings

Simply add products to cart and proceed to check out page to check for all the avaiable options

Everything will be same as above

What am I saving at the end?

You are saving 30 to 50% from Swiggy coupons which are available from Budgetershopy and 10% OFF upto 50INR

In addition to this if you are a new customer to Swiggy you are going to recieve an additional INR15 from Budgetershopy as a Cashback

Also you would get INR250 instant Cashback if you make your first Credit Card payment through CRED

Is swiggy available in all the areas?

Swiggy is almost available in all main cities in India and you can order online anytime

To check the availability you can download the app and it will let you know


It is good to order online when you are alone at home and bored of preparing food every day

You can order food anytime on your fingertips

Delivery in 30 to 60 minutes will let you enjoy your food when you are hungry

Ordering groceries when you can’t go out for shopping also would make your work easier

Hurray! this is a huge save altogether :)