Where to sell old phones in India online(Best ways explained)


Looking for a great place to sell your mobile online for free?, if your answer is yes then you are at the right place 

Our motto is to help you in finding better online platform to sell our mobiles and get paid

Which can save our time and help us to find more options in the market

We will discuss 4 free applications or websites where you can sell your mobile online and make cash

Is it safe to sell mobiles online?

Yes, it is safe to sell your old mobile online

Basically you are selling your mobile to a registered campanies in the market instead of selling it to someone offline

Why to choose online platform to sell your mobile?

We have many things to manage and schedule due to busy life

It is hard to go to a mobile store and request them for a reasonable price for selling your mobile offline

We may not be happy at the end, because we are taking time to travel to sell our mobile

Today everything is online and we have many sources to choose and sell mobile for reasonable price

We are saving our time and getting the best price for selling mobile online

We will see the list of websites and applications to sell your mobile in India online

1. Cashify

Cashify is the best online source to sell your mobile for reasonable price

Steps to sell:

You need to visit the website and choose mobile phone from drop down menu and choose your mobile brand

Select your mobile model and hit Sell Now button to proceed further

As shown in the screenshot I selected Motorola One Fusion Plus (6 GB/128 GB) to sell online

Next, you need to answer few questions regarding your mobile working condition

If you are planning to purchase a new mobile from amazon or flipkart you can choose gift card and they will deliver a gift card once the mobile is taken by the agent

Or you can choose bank transfer or any other payment method to recieve your amount

The next step is to enter your address for pickup

Once the address is enetered you will be asked to choose pickup date for the mobile

As a last step you need to choose the prefered payment method and confirm the order

Once done order details will be sent to your mobile number and whatsapp

If they have sent you a link to test your mobile through application, download the app and follow the promts while they have come to collect your mobile

The agent will test the mobile and transfer the amount to your selected payment method

Done, you will recieve your amount :)

2. Instacash

Instacash is the best source in the market to sell your mobile online in India

Steps to sell:

You need to select the mobile model and continue next

You have to go through few questions, answer the questions to check the mobile condition

Once the checks are done the website/application will quote the exact price

The next steps is to enter your address to pick up the mobile

You will have to choose the payment method and confirm the order

The agent will pick up the mobile and amount will be transfered to your payment method

3. OLX

Most of us are aware of OLX, if you would like to sell your mobile online

You can simply post your ad regarding your mobile with neccsary information

You can also decide your price and post it online instead of going through all the checks

If someone likes your mobile they will just chat with you and purchase it


Makes your job easier to find a person who can buy your mobile

You can easily list your mobile and get quotes for your mobile

No thirdparty will be involved in purchasing your mobile

You can direclty sell at your desired price


We can’t trust everyone who is making a deal online

Need to make sure that the person is real and take precautions before meeting and selling your mobile

4. Quikr

Quikr is just like OLX in the market and you can sell your mobile online by posting an ad

You can decide your price and sell it


Same as OLX you can list your price and sell it for your desired price

You will be happy at the end


Need to take few precautions before selling your mobile

It is better to collect the payment first and handover the mobile to the buyer

Pro tip: Exchange your mobile on Amazon or Flipkart

If there is any sale on Amazon or Flipkart and you would like to exchange your mobile you can always choose to exchange mobiles

They will quote the price based on your mobile and collect it while delivering your new mobile


Basically this process will save your time and help you find better deals available online today

You can also exchange mobiles online with other mobiles if you are looking for a new mobile

You can also help someone who wants to sell their mobile online by sharing this blog

They can learn and sell and make cash with the options provided in the article