We thank you for showing interest in Budgetershopy to join as a vendor

Welcome to the rice bags vendors zone

By accessing the vendor Agreement page or registering as a vendor on Budgetershopy, we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to register as a vendor on Budgetershopy if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page

Product type

On Budgetershopy we allow vendors to sell rice bags and the following categories would be accepted

1 Organic Rice

2 Diabetic Rice

3 Brown Rice

4 Black Rice


6 Sona Masoori

If you are trying to sell any specific category which is not mentioned above please get in touch with us

Displaying products

As a vendor, you can upload the products on the vendor application provided by us and fill all the required fields like Description, related images, and the price

We will review the products and approve them, once we approve, products will be live on the Budgetershopy


We charge 0% commission from the vendor for placing products on our platform

If it is a company or any other organisation we will do a seperate agreement based on the product costs and the percentage

No additional charges will be made from Budgetershopy


As soon as the order is placed on our platform, you will get a notification on the Vendor application

A delivery guy will be assigned and visit your store within 10 minutes to collect the product

To make sure the product is being dispatched without any issues, you need to upload a picture of the delivery guy with the rice bag

The invoice needs to be tagged to the rice bag

At the time of shipment, you need to provide a one time OTP with the delivery guy

Rest will be taken care of by us


There is no exchange policy with us right now and no exchange will be done once the order is delivered.

If you have mistakenly sent the wrong product, you need to bear 50rs to cover the delivery fee. Please make sure the correct product is being dispatched from the store. we can avoid the charges and the deliver the good customer service at the same time.


We have a return policy and in some cases, customers may want to return the product and you need to accept the return, return period is valid only for 24 hours from the time of delivery

Products excluded from the return policy

products weight below 5kgs

Organic Rice

Black Rice

Diabetic Rice


Once the product is returned, as a vendor you need to verify the product and calculate the weight of the product

if 2kgs rice is missing from the product we will pay the amount for the missing rice

for example, we sold 25kgs bag worth 1000rs and as 2kgs rice is missing we will pay you 80rs for the missing rice


Payments will be made to your Bank account registered on the vendor profile once the return time is over

For example, if the product is sold today on 10/10/2022 between 10 AM to 9 PM, it will be paid out on 11/10/2022 between 10 PM -12 AM

No action needed from your side in regards to withdrawal

Store timings

We set the timings as 10 AM to 9 PM every day, you can also set your preferred timings for selling and set your holiday on the vendor dashboard, if you are having to close the store on any particular day kindly inform us before 10 AM and we can turn off the store for selling for that particular day and the store will go live from next day.


Budgetershopy can make any changes to the above terms and conditions in the future, we will let you know through an email if there are any changes to the vendor agreement.


You can always reach us by texting on provided WhatsApp number or calling us directly or raising a ticket through the contact us page or chat with the live agent directly via chat.