Get paid for filling surveys online India for free (2022)

If you have never heard of getting paid for filling surveys online and want to get paid for filling surveys then you are at the right place

We will help you in finding the best apps to get rewarded for your time

The best way to get rewarded for filling surveys online

1. Google Opinion Rewards Program

2. OpinionWorld

3. Valued Opinions (only for female between 21 to 35 yrs)

Google Opinion Rewards Program

How does it work?

It all depends on customers opinions

As google company owns youtube, playstore, chrome, they take opinions from customers in terms of surveys and helps someone to know how they are doing

A better to gain trust from customers and to give or show what they want

They conduct surveys to know customers opinions on a particular product or on a service

Eventually one can have a more scope to provide what people think or they want

How do I get paid?

Google opinion rewards program allows customers to take a survey weekly once and reward them for their work

It is good to earn some rewards in free time instead of wasting time on something else

Steps to use?

All you have to do is to install Google opinion rewards program application from play store

You need to sign up on application

Once done, you need to set up your profile along with your google email address

The home page looks as shown below

You get notified everytime when a new survey is available as shown below

You just need to share your opinion by filling the surveys available

Amazing, you have earned a small amount for filling the survey online

Where can I use the earned points?

Google shares the rewards in points, 1 point = 1 rupee

It doesn’t allow us to transfer the amount to our bank account

We can use the points to reedeem against google playstore or youtube

Live Example:

Does google sell our surveys to someone?

Nope, google is the most trusted company and they do not sell the information to third party, they may conduct surveys sometimes on hotel reviews and all other stuff

If they are doing a research for any company in improving their standards

Google conducts a survey behalf of them but do not sell the data to any other third party company

Except helping the company which approached Google to conduct a research

A simple task wouldn’t take your time and helps you get paid for your work


Opinion world conducts surveys behalf of other businesses and companies to help them to improve their business

We just have to spend around 5-10 minutes to complete the survey

Steps to use?

You need to sign up on Opinion World website

On the profile page you can see Surveys available and Rewards and all other options

You need to complete your Survey profile 100% to recieve new surveys to get paid

Where can I use the earned points?

You can redeem earned points against gift cards once you reach 500 points

Can we trust Opinion World?

A trusted platform to earn points for your time

They share 25 million to their users for filling surveys online

They also conduct surveys at least twice in a month

You can participate in filling the surveys and make money easily

Valued Opinions (only for female between 21 to 35 yrs)

Valued Opinions is the best platform for female to fill in surveys and helps the company in terms of reseach and taking opinions to build strong businesses

Valued Opinions is female based online platform to collect surveys

The reseach team only works on female related surveys in helping the companies

Great opertunity to earn high commision for filling surveys online

Steps to use:

You can simply access the website using the button below

Once you are on home page you need to fill in al the basic information and finish the work

How do I get paid?

You will be filling in surveys available on website and you will be rewarded for your work

You can earn upto 150INR for every survey you fill in

Whenever there is a new survey available on application, you will be notified

Great opertunity to spend your time to earn some amount

How can I redeem?

You can redeem against Amazon or Flipkart gift cards or you can donate the amount Charity

It purely depends on you

You can also explore all the options and avaialable benifits on website


All three are trusted sources to fill in surveys and get rewarded for your time and work

I know you all think this is a waste of time and need to wait for some time to redeem points

As we need to have a certain points to redeem

I agree with it but if you are a student or house wife

If you have time to spend on other things, you can take little time to fill in surveys

Which will help you in spending time and getting paid for your time and patience

You can share with someone who wants to earn a little amount online

They will also learn something new online today